Нет в наличии
  • The appearance of botanical variety Ph. vulgaris, Elipticus vinosus.
  • It has bush-shaped plants with a short waist (25-36 cm) with the insertion of the first pods of 10 cm.
  • It is a new semi-early variety with a vegetation period of 72-80 days, with a shorter flowering period than the control variety Chrysanthemum with 5-6 days.
  • It is resistant to falling plants and shaking grains and is suitable for mechanized harvesting.
  • It has white flowers, cherry bean, elliptical in shape with a mass of 1000 grains of 220-300 g.
  • The level of grain production is practically at the level of the Chrysanthemum variety, which in the test years (2015-2017) in the comparative field of competition varied in the limits of 777 and 981 kg / ha, but exceeds it according to the protein content (ranging between 22 and 25%) by 1.7%.
  • It has good taste qualities and can be used in the food industry in the preparation of salads and preserves in the Catering system.