Public Institution – Selectia Research Institute of Field Crops is one of the leading centers in the field of crop science and agriculture in the Republic of Moldova

Selectia Research Institute of Field Crops was founded in Balti according the Decision of Counsel of Peoples Commissars nr.337 from 01.01.1944 in former USSR under the initial name SelectiaExperimental Station of SSR Moldova. In 1956 on the base of this Station in Balti and the section of Crop Science which belonged to the Academy of Science of Moldova the Moldavian Research Institute in Agriculture was founded. In 1961 the institute was transformed in the Moldavian Research Institute for Crop Breeding, Seed Production and Technology of Field Crops. In 1972 it was transformed in the Research Institute of Field Crops. During the whole period of activity (during 75 years) in the SRIFC “Selectia” 357 varieties and hybrids were bred, including 163 varieties and hybrids registered in Moldova and abroad.